Integrated Manufacturing

Production Capabilities

Mohawk’s production capabilities feature a lean manufacturing process that ensures delivery of high-quality, custom designed turnkey assemblies to customers on time and on budget.

Mohawk has developed in-house competencies that help move projects efficiently from prototype to short runs to volume production.

Manufacturing and assembly skills include:

  • Wire winding and stripping;
  • Soldering;
  • Rubber molding;
  • Resistance and bridgewire welding;
  • Soldering, crimping and sealing;
  • Mechanical fastening;
  • Cutting, stripping, and termination soldering.

Production capabilities include:

  • Bridgewire Soldering and Welding
  • Mold Design and Construction
  • Rubber and Epoxy Molding
  • Injection, Transfer, and Compression Molding

Our in-house machine shop provides the ability to design and construct molds, and to machine a variety of components, including enclosures.