Markets Served

Markets Served

Mohawk’s high quality, reliable electro-explosive devices and the bridgewire fine wire welding and soldering technology needed to produce them are being used effectively in a variety of industries.


For decades, Mohawk has been supplying detonators and other EED components to the military. In addition to supplying blasting cap plug assemblies, test sets and fragmentation assemblies for the Claymore Weapon System, Mohawk produces custom ordnance for a variety of applications, including submersible EED devices.

mark_oilOil and Gas

The exploration for oil and gas depends on the reliability of explosive devices when preparing to drill through rocks and difficult terrain. Additionally, offshore wells and platforms often need to be destroyed when they are no longer producing. Complete or partial removal of steel or concrete fixed platforms that weigh thousands of tons is practically impossible without using explosive materials. Mohawk supplies products to customers in the oil and gas industries to complete any stages of oil exploration.

mark_constrMining and Construction

Explosives are used all over the world to destroy buildings and demolish unwanted eyesores. They help open up passages through mountains and control avalanches. Blasting is also an important part of most mining operations. Reliability of the explosive device is an important factor in reducing accidents and costly delays. Misfires lead to injuries and fatalities as workers try to shoot explosives that failed to detonate in the original blast. The quality and reliability of Mohawk’s custom EED sub-assemblies reduce the chances of failure in the field. In addition to savings in the field, the fact that Mohawk can provide a complete sub-assembly ready for explosive loading can cut costs during the production run.


Pyrotechnics is playing a greater role in the entertainment industry than ever before. Fireworks are the most visible pyrotechnic application; however, pyrotechnics special effects involving explosions, fires, light, smoke and sound are also being used in movies and stage shows. Many of the scenes in action movies depend on an explosion occurring at a specific moment. Quality and reliability of electro-explosive devices being used is extremely important if production costs are to be kept under control.