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Claymore Weapon System


  • Directional fragmentation weapon system that is used for defense of installations and outposts against attacking enemy infantry.
  • Devastating over a wide area.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Effective against thin-skinned vehicles such as jeeps, automobiles, and trucks.The fragments easily penetrate the outer body and incapacitate occupants and render the vehicle inoperable.
  • Lightweight with easy to carry bandoleer
  • Safe. Reliable. Long Shelf Life.
  • Low Training Time. M68 Training System also available. The M68 includes a functional M57 Firing Device and M40 Test Set which are used with inert weapon body & blasting cap to simulate complete setup, test, and operation.
  • COMMAND CONTROLLED. The M18A1 Claymore is currently approved for export from the United States. (Subject to State Department license approval) Many countries have elected to retain Claymore-type weapons in their inventory because they do not pose a lingering hazard to civilians.

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  1. Safety Bail
  2. M57 Firing Device
  3. Handle
  4. Dust Covers
  5. M40 Test Set
  6. Indicator window
  7. M4 cord assy plug Cord
  8. Cord
  9. M4 Blasting Cap
  10. Blasting Cap
  11. Shipping plug/priming Adapter
  12. Detonator Well
  13. Sight
  14. Legs
  15. M18A1

EED Plug Assembly Manufacturing Matrix