CASE STUDY – Design, Prototyping and Just in Time Delivery

Design, Prototyping and Just in Time Delivery


Design Assistance

A customer informed us that they were rejecting a large quantity of assemblies because the insulation resistance (IR) was below the end user’s minimum specification. After reviewing their data, we recommended they replace the conductive neoprene material with a high IR EPDM compound. The finished plug assembly demonstrated a final IR several orders of magnitude higher than the original design. This result not only saved many scrapped units but allowed them to reduce expensive 100% screening to lot sampling.


At the request of Navy EOD engineers, Mohawk made prototype plug assembly designs with unique ESD dissipation methods. In addition to ESD protection, the project included an RF suppressing capacitor and still needed to fit into the standard ID shell. After the Navy tested each design, Mohawk worked with their engineers to choose the lowest cost design that met all safety requirements. Next, we produced a pilot production run that allowed the Navy to complete qualification testing. Mohawk is currently under sub-contract to manufacture production quantities of the Mk18 plug assembly.

Just In Time Delivery

For a commercial detonator company, Mohawk has a blanket contract to provide 5 unique sub-assemblies manufactured from 22 separate components. In addition to responding to urgent requests, we adjust our production and stocking levels monthly to match their changing sales needs. Our JIT scheduling minimizes their inventory costs and purchasing efforts.