Manuf. Value 4 – Understand & Follow Procedures – 2019

Repost & revised from December 2016 – click here

Manufacturing Values No. 4 – Understanding and Following Procedures

At Mohawk, there are numerous reasons to have effective procedures, work instructions and manuals in place. Our production team is dedicated to making the best possible products for our customers. In order to achieve that, we set guidelines in place to make sure we hit production goals.

Our processes and procedures have been designed to meet goals, regulations and product
requirements. For each project we take on, regulations and product requirements are sent out to the production team so they can be taught and learned to in return hit production goals. We set out to achieve on-time delivery for every order we receive and can only guarantee it if the procedures are effectively learned and followed.

With our open lines of communication, we encourage suggestions for improvements but they must be reviewed and tested for effectiveness before implementation. In partnership with our production crew and quality control, management can effectively test suggestions to meet goals faster while keeping the same guaranteed quality to our customers.