The Mohawk Advantage – Contract Manufacturing

The Mohawk Advantage – Contract Manufacturing

Mohawk has been a contract manufacturer for the defense and commercial industries since 1963. In the last 54 years, Mohawk has defined small business in Delaware and the United States. From major product line; the Claymore Weapon System, to the subsidy; Mohawk Plastic Products (Scissor Lok), Mohawk has a wide range of capabilities for prototype, low to volume production.

Wide Range Capabilities

Mohawk offers a full-range production line including many machining options from CNC fixtures to micro-welding machines. In 2017, Mohawk now offers SMT-technology for printed circuit board assemblies and custom laser component engraving. Mohawk is open to exploring many types of custom electro-mechanical assemblies and/or harness components which require solder, weld or other enforcements.

To learn more about Mohawk’s production line, please click here.

Quality Control and On-Time Delivery

When trusting Mohawk with your order, two things are automatically guaranteed; quality control and on-time delivery. Mohawk’s Quality Assurance department is committed to the success of your project. From pull-testing to other set standards, QA will assure in multi-step processes that all functionalities will be met. In the quoting process, please let Mohawk know of all quality requirements. Each project is designated its own work instruction for the assembly technicians to follow thoroughly during production. Your success is Mohawk’s success and technical support is available before, during and post-production.

On-time delivery is another area Mohawk prides itself on committing to all customers. In 2016, Mohawk had a 98.6% on-time delivery rate.  Your deadline is Mohawk’s deadline, the commitment to your success is unwavering and through open communication through production, Mohawk guarantees both quality control and on-time delivery for Precision Life Critical Assemblies.

The Mohawk Advantage

100% American-made and sourced, quality and effectiveness are things Mohawk will assure when you place your next production order. With continuous technical support during all stages of production, Mohawk will assure that you are kept in the loop and your project meets all its requirements. To learn more about Mohawk and the history of the company, please click here. For further inquiries, please contact:


Jeff Winslow | Marketing & Communications
(302) 422 – 2500 ext 103