Mohawk awarded for 30 years in Delaware Workplace Safety Program

By: Jeff Winslow – September 20, 2017

MILFORD, Del. – Mohawk Electrical Systems, Inc. was awarded for being the first company in the state of Delaware to enter into the Delaware Workplace Safety Program on September 19, 2017.

The ceremony was held in the company’s Milford, Del. Plant and was hosted by state insurance commissioner, Trinidad Navarro joined by his staff at the Department of Insurance. Also joining the ceremony was Del. House Representatives, Harvey R. Kenton and David L. Wilson and Milford mayor, Bryan Shupe.

Commissioner Navarro opened the ceremony with, “Mohawk was the first in the state in the program to complete 30 years. Over those 30 years, Mohawk has saved over 75-thousand dollars in workers compensation insurance premiums.”

Representative Harvey Kenton then presented the company with a House of Representatives Tribute. “Mohawk is small business at its best in Delaware,” said Rep. Kenton.

“Mohawk being a family-owned business for a very long time; it is very exceptional that Mr. Welch puts his employee’s safety first,” said Rep. Wilson.

Joining the commissioner and House of Representatives was local mayor, Bryan Shupe. “I am very proud of the work [Mohawk] has done in keeping their employees safe,” said Shupe.

Commissioner Navarro and his staff, Rep. Wilson and Rep. Kenton then toured Mohawk’s production plant and got to see where and how Mohawk’s major products, the Claymore Weapon System and M6 blasting cap were made and tested for quality assurance.

Making ‘Precision Life Critical Assemblies’ is much more than safety of their employees but also the customers they serve. “Mohawk has a history of serving the U.S. Armed Forces and many others internationally,” said Welch, “Safety is one thing we do not take for granted.”

The company has recently completed more than 770 working days without accident; their highest amount of days without accident, 869.

The Delaware Workplace Safety Program was implemented in 1988 for companies to enroll in discounted savings for their businesses worker’s compensation insurance. Mohawk Electrical Systems, Inc. was the first company in the state to participate. Over the last five years, Delaware employers have saved over 45-million dollars in insurance premiums and participating employers saved up to 19 percent annually on their Delaware portions.

Pictures from the event.