Preventing Accidents in the Workplace

Think Safety, Act Safely.

Every month, Mohawk reviews safety protocol and goals with the production and quality teams. As a part of our manufacturing values, number 14 is “Think Safety, Act Safely.” It is important for our production members to use caution while manufacturing and assembling our customers orders for the simple fact that one accident can cost both companies time and money.

Over the past two years, instilling safety procedures in all employees has lead to Mohawk’s current milestone of being Accident-Free for two years! Immediately among hire, it is important to train staff in the emergency protocol and 5S nature of the business. However, monthly reminders and tips to keep the workplace safe and harmonious are also important for not only internal safety goals, but also customers who depend on Mohawk to meet their needs.

Finally, With most of the products Mohawk produces has the effect to cause bodily harm or injury. The Claymore Weapon System being a major part of Mohawk’s business model, assembling critical assemblies requires extreme attentiveness and production staff to follow both safety and operational protocol to ensure no defects are made during production. This follows through to the Quality Assurance department who thoroughly checks components before they go into processing to the end user. This should give customers peace of mind that the production of the product was handle with safety measures being a number one priority.

Safety Protocol Mohawk Implements in Employees

  • Accident prevention
  • Fire drills/extinguisher
  • Forklift training and safety courses
  • Back & Hand truck safety
  • Safety glasses and eye wash stations

The list above is just a short list of how to keep employees safe while working on Precision Life Critical Assemblies!