Manuf. Value 1 – Precision Life Critical Assemblies – 2019

Original Post – December 2016 – Click here

Mohawk believes in following a set of standards to ensure our customer satisfaction and create a harmonious work place. In our efforts to become more transparent to our customers, over the next few weeks we will be posting these values we hold true to. Check back every Friday for a highlight on our Manufacturing Values!

Manufacturing Value No. 1 – Precision Life Critical Assemblies 

Mohawk has adopted ‘Precision Life Critical Assemblies’ as our mission statement and safety policy.

At Mohawk, all items that are manufactured have the possibility of causing serious injury or death if they malfunction. The Mohawk team is dedicated to making each product as if their own lives depended on the quality of its effective use. To accomplish this, Mohawk has established written procedures and training plans for each project to guarantee quality in every product manufactured.

In products we produce, the Claymore Weapon System and electronic blasting caps that are used in combat, soldiers depend on our products to work effectively for their own safety during their deployments. Mohawk also produces blasting caps and other electro-explosive-devices for oil workers, sky divers and medical personnel depend on products we produce.

Our next post will be on our growing business and keeping our workplace functioning. We will be positing our 15 manufacturing values over the next few weeks every Friday; stay tuned!